About Pat Follett

Pat and his wife Tina

Patrick Follett has spend most of his life in Big Bear Lake. He opened up the Team Big Bear bike shop in 1983 becoming the first Southern California dealer to sell mountain bikes exclusively. To encourage sale of mountain bikes, Pat started promoting mountain bike races in the Big Bear Valley. While developing over 300 events on both sides of Big Bear Lake, he developed an intimate knowledge of the trails and roads available to mountain bikers and hikers.

Patrick also guided Snow Summit Resort into becoming a mountain biking area which attracts 25,000 cyclists each season and provided the venue for their NORBA National races.

One of Pat’s best memories is of “his” Olympic moment. Pat was the test rider on the Olympic course the night before the mountain bike competition. A full rehearsal was scheduled with 30 fixed cameras, 2 helicopters, 2 motorcycles cameras and one helmet camera which Pat volunteered at the last moment to wear. It was the ride of his life.

Pat considers himself a mountain bike ambassador. Through his race promotions he has introduced the sport to new riders, make riding more exciting to experienced racers and continue to grow with the sport as it changes. Very concerned about maintaining trail access he has worked hard to educate riders on proper trail etiquette through word of mouth and printed materials. As a result, all Big Bear Lake trails and roads have remained open.

Pat’s favorite ride is any mountain bike ride he has with his wife. Pat completed the “La Ruta” in 2003.

Pat has ridden every road and trail on the map, some of them a few hundred times.

In 2004, Patrick Follett was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

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*Excerpts from the Marin Museum of Mountain Biking – Pat Follett & Tom Spiegel