Big Bear Lake Trail Highlights

The Valley of Big Bear Lake

Follett's Local Trail Map Big Bear
Photo by Robin Brown

Big Bear Lake is located in the San Bernardino Mountains, only 60 miles east of Los Angeles and 100 miles northeast of San Diego. With 630,000 acres of National Forest in the surrounding area and hundreds of miles of fire roads and trails on both sides of the lake, it is a perfect setting for hiking and mountain biking.

Skyline Trail

Photo by Robin Brown

Since I first produced this map over 12 years ago, things have dramatically improved for both Mountain Bikers and Hikers. With the significant contributions of labor and money from the Southern California Mountains Foundation, US Forest Service, and the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, there are approximately 20 miles of new trails, including the fantastic Skyline Trail.

This 14.4-mile majestic trail epitomizes some of the best trail riding in Southern California. It was built paralleling Rod 2N10, and runs West/East on Big Bear Lake’s South Ridge. With over 2,100 feet of climbing and incredible views of San Gorgonio Wilderness, this trail traverses behind Snow Summit Resort all the way out towards Bluff Lake.

The average elevation is 7,600′ with 99% of the trail all singletrack. We are blessed to have this trail in our backyard!

Fall Line

This trail has quite a history in Big Bear Lake. It has been raced on many times and taken quite a beating. It was decommissioned by the USFS, and eventually redesigned and with the assistance of Snow Summit and the crews supplied by the Southern California Mountains Foundation it now runs further east of the old trail. It provides a great ride for the intermediate and up rider.

Going Green

It has been a long time in the making but this trail is one we have all been waiting for. Built entirely by the Snow Summit Park Staff, this 3.62-mile-long trail is on Snow Summit’s Permit area, and during summer operating hours a fee is required to use it. But it is available before 8 am and after 5 pm, and during non-operational days (Spring & Fall).

We have been yearning for an easier trail from the top of the South Ridge down to the bottom, but keep in mind, if you are a beginner and find a portion intimidating, nobody will think less of you if you just get off your bike and walk!

Always be safe!